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One of the main roles of the Dublin City PPN is to provide a mechanism for the sourcing of community representatives for Dublin City Council Committees and other networks. The committees that have PPN representation are listed below.

Dublin City Council Strategic Policy Committees

There are seven Strategic Policy Committees (SPC) in Dublin City Council and it is the task of these committees to advise and assist the council in its work. The SPC system is intended to give councillors and sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy-making process of the work of the local authority from the early stages. When the SPC system operates satisfactorily, much of the preliminary and background work, discussion and recommendation should be completed at SPC level for final consideration and ratification by the council at the monthly council meetings.
The Dublin City PPN currently have fourteen seats across seven Strategic Policy Committees for community representation.

More details on the SPCs, their areas of responsibilities, and the PPN representatives can be found here

Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

The Dublin City LCDC was established in 2014 ‘for the purposes of developing, coordinating and implementing a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development’ across the city.
It is a statutory body with membership drawn from Dublin City Council, State agencies, the Community and Voluntary sector and the private sector.

More information on the LCDC, it’s plans, and the PPN representatives can be found here

Joint Policing Sub Committee for Dublin City Council North West Area

Dublin City Council North West Area Joint Policing Sub Committee provides a forum where the local authority and senior Garda Officers responsible for the policing of that area, with the participation of Oireachtas members and community/business interests, can consult, discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the Area.

More details on the JPC, the items discussed with the Garda, and the PPN representatives can be found here

Smart Dublin Advisory Network

Smart Dublin is an initiative of the four Dublin local authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve city challenges and improve city life. Smart Dublin is delivering a programme that encourages the creation of solutions to address city needs. Smart Dublin has identified mobility, environment, energy, waste and emergency management as priority challenges.

More information on the Smart Dublin Advisory Network and how the PPN is involved can be found here