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The Secretariat works on a voluntary basis and is elected by the members of the PPN to act as the administrative body of the PPN. There are nine positions on the Secretariat, three from each category (pillar) Social Inclusion, Community & Voluntary, and the Environment.

The work of the Secretariat includes:

  • coordinating and implementing the work of the PPN
  • devising and coordinating the activities of the PPN
  • ensuring good communication structure with the PPN membership
  • promoting the work of the PPN
  • overseeing the PPN representatives and their work on committees

It is the role of the Secretariat to call and organise the plenary sessions of the PPN. A Plenary is a meeting of the entire membership of the Network and all groups are encouraged to attend.

Any member of the Dublin City PPN can join one or more linkage groups. A linkage group is a sub-group within the PPN who elect a representative to a committee. This sub-group give direction to that representative and receive feedback from the representative in relation to the committee they sit on.