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Finance SPC

The following areas fall under the responsibility of the Finance Strategic Policy Committee:

Budget – Capital and Revenue; Local Property Tax; Procurement; Motor Tax; Rates; Risk Management; Audit Committee (minutes only); Corporate Governance.

Policy issues currently being discussed at meetings are:

Local Government Funding; National Procurement Agenda ;Governance – interest of Dublin City Council in companies; Greyhound on debt collection; Environmental Enhancement Charges; Priory Hall Development – continuing costs report; Rates Exemption categories; Poolbeg Incinerator – report on costs breakdown; Housing Bond Report; Waste management bye-laws; Temple Bar Cultural Trust – Internal Audit Reports; Housing Rents presentation.

Role of the PPN Representative:

  • Attends and participates at the committee they were elected to.
  • Represents the views and concerns of members to the relevant policy committee
  • Represents all the members of the PPN and not just their own group
  • Feeds back to the PPN membership through reports, presentations and meetings (linkage meetings)

Dates for 2021 meetings (tbc on zoom)