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Finance SPC

The following areas fall under the responsibility of the Finance Strategic Policy Committee:

Budget – Capital and Revenue; Local Property Tax; Procurement; Motor Tax; Rates; Risk Management; Audit Committee (minutes only); Corporate Governance.

Policy issues currently being discussed at meetings are:

Local Government Funding; National Procurement Agenda ;Governance – interest of Dublin City Council in companies; Greyhound on debt collection; Environmental Enhancement Charges; Priory Hall Development – continuing costs report; Rates Exemption categories; Poolbeg Incinerator – report on costs breakdown; Housing Bond Report; Waste management bye-laws; Temple Bar Cultural Trust – Internal Audit Reports; Housing Rents presentation.

Role of the PPN Representative:

  • Attends and participates at the committee they were elected to.
  • Represents the views and concerns of members to the relevant policy committee
  • Represents all the members of the PPN and not just their own group
  • Feeds back to the PPN membership through reports, presentations and meetings (linkage meetings)

Dates for 2021 meetings (tbc on zoom)



Dublin City PPN Representative on the Finance SPC

Philip O’Callaghan

pillarCommunity & Voluntary


organisationSouth Georgian Core Residents Association