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Who can register and join?

All ‘not for profit’ groups and organisations operating within the Dublin city area who

  • Have any of the following: A committee, a set of rules and/or a constitution
  • Are open to new members
  • Are structured:
    • For example, hold an annual general meeting (AGM), have a committee and bank or credit union account
  • And are groups and organisations active in activities and events in/or for the following categories (Pillars):
    • Community & Voluntary
    • Social Inclusion
    • Environmental

A group can only apply to be a member of one category (Pillar)

Selecting a category (pillar)

Community & Voluntary

A group/organisation’s main activities should be either community or voluntary based for example groups working within the following areas:
Active Retirement groups – Art groups Festivals – Residents’ Associations – Tidy Towns -Sports groups

Social Inclusion

A group/organisation’s main activities should be based in the area of social inclusion. That is, their work is centred on working to make the lives of people who are socially excluded because of poverty and social, cultural, educational and other disadvantage(s).
For example, groups working within the following areas:
Addiction –Disability – Education/ Literacy – Ethnicity – Equality – Human Rights – Integration – Unemployed – Welfare Rights Groups

Environmental Pillar

The group or organisation’s main activities should be environmentally based.
For example, groups working within the following areas:
Clean Ups – Coastal – Community Gardens – Conservation – Natural Habitats – Recycling – Sustainability – Wildlife Protection

All groups registering under the Environmental category have to be ratified by the National Environmental Pillar.

Individuals can join an existing organisation/group or can establish as an interest group to register.

Groups not eligible to register with Dublin City PPN include:

  • Political parties
  • Businesses

Please note* all new registrations are reviewed by the PPN Secretariat, who meet on the second Tuesday of the month.

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