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The Dublin City PPN is the main link through which Dublin City Council connects with the community and voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors.

The PPNs are independent structures with one network being set up in each Local Authority Area.

Each Local Authority is required to:

  • Set up a Public Participation Network (PPN)
  • Source their community reps from the PPN
  • Provide resources and support to the PPN


The PPN will enable residents and community organisations to influence plans and policies for the development of Dublin City. This will be mainly be done through the Strategic Policy Committees (SPC) in Dublin City Council. These committees advise and assist the council in its work and provide councillors and sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy-making process of the work of the local authority from the early stages. When the committee system operates satisfactorily, much of the preliminary and background work, discussion and recommendation should be completed at this level for final consideration and ratification by the Council at the monthly Council meetings.

See Committees for further information.