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Healthy You – care for the carers training for PPN member groups


06/09/2024 10:00 – 18/10/2024 14:00

The “Healthy You” workshop was developed by Martin Saunders and Eveanna O’Meara to help workers and volunteers in the community sector manage their physical and mental well-being, to avoid burnout and to equip them with tools and information to do so.

The same 3 hour workshop will be repeated four times, at the dates and times below, to allow as many PPN member groups to attend as possible. Please only sign up for one session.

Friday 06 September: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Friday 20 September: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Friday 04 October: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Friday 18 October: 10.00am – 1.00pm

In-person at the Carmichael where refreshments will be provided.

A follow on “Reconnect Workshop” will be arranged at the first workshop.


This holistic workshop focuses on the four recognised pillars of health – Nutrition, Stress management, Sleep quality and Exercise. Research has shown that when all four pillars are managed well we have a greater opportunity to achieve optimal overall physical and mental health. On completion of the workshop, all participants will have practical tools to manage their stress, improve their quality of sleep, make healthier food choices and  a selection of exercises that suit the needs of the individual.

Summary of the Programme:

This programme is a half day workshop. The workshop is a combination of group work and individual work, including guided meditations, discussions about diet and lifestyle, implementing positive practical lifestyle changes through goal setting and journaling. Some content of the workshop are:

  • Why food matters? –  foods that nourish us and foods that harm us. This will include how certain foods affect our mood, energy, sleep, stress and mental health.
  • What we can do? – this section offers practical ways to manage our diet better e.g. including certain nutrient-rich foods in our diet, looking after our gut health, how to balance your energy levels, mindful eating and how the right food choices is essential for self-care.
  • Managing stress – this section focuses on breathwork, relaxation strategies and resetting the Vagus nerve. This section will also include a guided meditation.
  • Moving the body – The importance of movement, practical ways to incorporate stretching into your day, the importance of exercise for stress, sleep and better mental health.
  • Take home – The participants will have the option to leave with a printed toolkit or a digital version. They will also be given guided meditations that they can use for sleep and stress management, a healthy nutrition guide and a summarised version of all information covered in the workshops.

Email Ruth at to confirm your FREE place.

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