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PPN – DCU Summer School 2023


The PPN Summer School will commence once again this year, offering beneficial and worthwhile workshops to Dublin City PPN members free of charge. Workshop’s will take place on DCU’s Glasnevin campus every morning from May 29th until June 2nd 2023, from 10am to 12pm. These workshops were chosen in collaboration with the PPN coordinators in an effort to offer PPN members the opportunity to receive free training in areas that would benefit them, their organisations and communities. Key themes that will be covered are; resources available to PPN members, public policy, advocating for change, expressing social impact and public speaking. These workshops will equip PPN members to become community leaders to affect and advocate for positive change in Dublin City.

DCU values the relationship it has with the Dublin City PPN and the local community. The PPN Summer School aims to strengthen these relationships even further, that is why all workshops are available free of charge. Tea, coffee and lunch is also provided free of charge. PPN members may opt to attend one or more of the workshops available, but there is no obligation to attend the entire week.

To register your interest for any workshops email Luke Quinlan ().

This summer school is an opportunity for PPN members to attain vital skills and socialise in-person with like-minded people who has a passion for communities, as well as a chance to network and forge relationships with people who have similar aspirations. 

Lunch and transport provided.

For further details on the PPN Summer School and the schedule, please see below.


PPN Resources Seminar 
Ruth Powell, Dublin City PPN
Monday, May 29th. 10am – 12pm 

An introduction to the Public Participation Network. An overview of its focus and main objective, its structure, its activities and campaigns during 2023 and its active thematic and linkage groups. This introductory session is of interest to new and older PPN members alike. All welcome.

Introduction to Public Policy and Policy Advocacy 
Dr Deiric O’Broin, DCU School of Law & Government
Tuesday, May 30th. 10am – 12pm

In contributing to civil society and affecting change one must be aware of the laws and policies which govern them, and subsequently how to challenge such laws and policies when they are deemed ineffective. This workshop will give an introductory grounding in public policy and how to advocate for change. 

Moving from Purpose to Impact 
Eamon Ryan, Social Impact Ireland 
Wednesday, May 31st. 10am – 12pm

For all social initiatives being able to articulate your impact and how it is achieved is crucial; crucial to yourself so you can deliver the impact you desire and crucial in engaging others. This workshop we will take you through a simple methodology to assist you in understanding your impact and how to best communicate that in the manner that aligns to your own story.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Workshop 
Lorna Green, DCU Equality, Diversion & Inclusion Team 
Thursday, June 1st. 10am – 12pm 

In this workshop, participants are introduced to key pieces of Irish Equality Legislation before exploring equality, diversity and inclusion definitions that underpin the values of Dignity and Respect. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions, engage in discussion and explore lived experiences of equality concepts and values in order to support a meaningful understanding of the role that inclusion initiatives play in supporting positive community experiences. 

Public Speaking Workshop 
Elaine Metcalfe, The Peoples College 
Friday, June 2nd. 10am- 12pm 

Many people feel uncomfortable when speaking or presenting in public, at meetings or at interviews. This course will help participants to overcome the common fears of presenting in public and to develop the skills to speak confidently. Areas covered include: controlling nervousness, making the best use of your voice, non-verbal communication, structuring a presentation, choosing appropriate language, and how to handle a questions and answers session.


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