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Environment SPC

The following areas fall under the responsibility of the Environment Strategic Policy Committee:

Property Management; Strategic Projects; Planning Services; Development Management; International Relations; Regional Planning Guidelines; Urban Renewal; Heritage; Conservation; Archaeology; Building Control; Tourism

Current policy issues discussed at meetings are:

Oversight of the Dublin Waste to Energy Project; Revised Postering Protocol for the City; Developing climate change strategy; Litter Management Plan; Proposals on Eastern and Midland Waste Plan; Identifying Dublin City Council Complexes that may benefit from Sustainable Energy Initiatives; Environmental Submissions on the City Development Plan

There are a minimum of six meetings a year, held every two months on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4pm. Generally there are no meetings in July or August.

Role of the PPN Representative:

  • Attends and participates at the committee they were elected to.
  • Represents the views and concerns of members to the relevant policy committee
  • Represents all the members of the PPN and not just their own group
  • Feeds back to the PPN membership through reports, presentations and meetings (linkage meetings)

Dates for 2017 Meetings:

22nd February @ 3.30pm

26th April @ 3.30pm

28th June @ 3.30pm

27th September @ 3.30pm

29th November @ 3.30pm

The Dublin City PPN Representatives on the Environment SPC