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Department of Rural and Community Development training plan for PPNs

Induction by WIT Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning To introduce participants to Moodle the virtual learning platform and provide a general overview of the training and its aims 13th September 2021 Time: 2.00 pm (all other times 1.00pm – 2.30pm)

Lesson 1: An Introduction to PPNs I
A look at what the PPNs are, why they were established, and an introduction to the different stakeholder roles. 1st October 2021 Online presentations available 7th October 2021 Zoom classroom

Lesson 2: Introduction to PPNs II
An in-depth look at some of the key stakeholder roles; the Codes and Charters; and how the PPNs can support Local Government policymaking. 8th October 2021 Online presentations available 14th October 2021 Zoom classroom

Lesson 3: PPNs and Local Government
A brief look at Local Government structures; procedures and functions of Boards and Committees; Role and Responsibilities of Representatives 15th October 2021 Online presentations available 21st October 2021 Zoom classroom

Lesson 4: Local Government Budgets
A look at the Local Government Budget process, discretionary and nondiscretionary spending, and an outline of effective submissions 22nd October 2021 Online presentations available 28th October 2021 Zoom classroom

Lesson 5: Management and Operational Budgets Staff management;
budgets and governance issues; PPN funding; financial reporting.
29th October 2021 Online presentations available 4th November 2021 Zoom classroom

Lesson 6: Effective Participation in Consultations
A look at what makes an effective consultation and how to consult; effective advocacy and representation 5th November 2021 Online presentations available 11th November 2021 Zoom classroom

Lesson 7: Monitoring and Evaluating Programmes and Policies
Providing the tools to monitor and evaluate programmes and policies being implemented 12th November 2021 Online presentations available 18th November 2021 Zoom classroom

Review Session and Evaluation To review the content and delivery of the training and allow participants the opportunity to provide feedback.

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