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Happy New Year from the DCPPN Secretariat

Happy New Year from the DCPPN Secretariat and we hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year holidays.

We start the new year with some good news, namely, we welcome our new resource officer, Ruth Powell to the PPN.  You can email Ruth at  and her role is managed by Dublin City Volunteer Centre, which now hosts this employment. We wish Ruth all the best, as we are sure you do too, and we look forward to working together with Dublin City Volunteer Centre.

Ruth will be updating you with news here on the website, through emails and through our newly activated Twitter and Facebook accounts, so please keep your eyes on these sites for information about the work.

Twitter: #DCPPN


We will also be looking for people to join the Secretariat, and other committees, and again, we will post this information here, through social media sites and through emails. We also welcome you sharing your information and updates online, and we hope to make 2021 our most supportive year to date.

So happy new year, with our best regards,

Dublin City PPN Secretariat