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Nominations Open for South Central Area Joint Policing Committee

The Dublin City PPN has been asked to source community representatives from the South Central Area to fill 3 vacant positions on the South Central Area Joint Policing Committee. This Committee provides a forum where the local authority and senior Garda Officers responsible for the policing of that area, with the participation of Oireachtas members, councillors and community representatives, can consult, discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the Area. The positions are replacement seats, and nominations are being sought from community groups operating in the Ballyfermot, Cherry Orchard and Crumlin Areas.

The Work of the Committee:

The Committee meetings are held quarterly, on a Monday at 2.30pm in City Hall.

A typical agenda addresses the following:

• Minutes from previous meeting
• Dublin SC Joint Policing Work Plan
• Garda Matters
• Community Safety
• Anti-social behaviour
• Street Crimes/Issues
• Actions agreed at last meeting

The South Central Area Joint Policing Committee has 26 members with representation broken down as:

• 12 Councillors
• 4 Oireachtas Representatives
• 3 Superintendents
• 6 Community Representatives
• 1 Dublin City Council Official

Three community representative positions have become available on this JPC. Groups are now being requested to nominate suitable candidates to fill these positions. Nominations must be made using this form South Central Area JPC Nomination Form 27th November 2017 (to be submitted no later than 5pm Wednesday 22nd November 2017), and candidates being nominated should have the relevant knowledge, experience, commitment and meet the qualifying criteria.

This is a great opportunity for community groups to have a say about the policing in the South Central Area.

A fundamental role of the elected PPN representative to the South Central Area Joint Policing Committee will be to represent and to give feedback to the PPN on the outcomes of the committee meetings, and the issues being raised. This will be achieved through the representative’s interaction with their “Linkage Group”. A linkage group is formed on election night when members with a particular interest in the work of the South Central Area Joint Policing Committee come together to elect the PPN representatives to that committee.

In order to ensure that representation is informed and based on knowledge of the area and on commitment to the PPN, the following criteria for PPN representation will apply:

• A commitment to attending all meetings of the South Central Area JPC
• An awareness of general issues in the South Central Area
• The ability of the nominee to effectively represent the views of the entire PPN linkage group (Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion & Environmental groups operating in the South Central Area). They are not representing their own organisation.
• Support new representatives should the need arise
• A commitment to convene, attend and report back to the linkage group relevant to the committee you are sitting on
• A commitment to issuing a report on each meeting for circulation to the linkage group by the PPN Coordinator.
• All PPN representatives are required to maintain proper standards of integrity, conduct and concern for the public interest.
• No more than one representative from a single community or voluntary organisation, community development body or local development body will be validated for membership of the South Central Area Joint Policing Committee
• Group must be operating in the selected seat area (that is Ballyfermot, Cherry Orchard or Crumlin)

Nomination and Election Process:

Completed nomination forms should be returned by 5pm on Wednesday 22nd Novemer 2017, by e-mail to  or by post to: Dublin City PPN, Block 3, Floor 1, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

The election will be held on Monday 27th November at 6pm in the Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council and candidates are expected to be present on the night. If candidates are unable to attend the election they must contact Nina Farrell prior to the election and nominate another person from their group to attend on their behalf.

All nomination forms will be checked and validated, candidate information forms for all nominees will be circulated to all groups registered with the PPN in advance of the scheduled election. Groups must be registered with the PPN in order to nominate a candidate. Groups can register online at

A linkage group, to support the work of the elected representatives, will be formed on the night of the election. Each member organisation of the linkage group will be issued with one ballot paper on the night of the election (1 group =1 vote).

If you have any queries please e-mail:  or phone (01) 2223851