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PPN Bulletin

Nominations and Elections

Many thanks to all the members who got engaged in the recent nominations process for two vacant PPN seats; one on the Housing Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) and one on the PPN Secretariat.  We will be running an election via Election Buddy shortly, so please check your emails regularly if you would like to get involved in voting for new representatives.

Autumn Series of Training Sessions

We will be running an autumn series of training sessions in September, October and November.

To date, we have the following sessions confirmed:

Back to basics:  the Department of Rural and Development will be offering a number of training sessions on the following topics:  introduction to PPNs, stakeholder roles, codes and charters, government structures, government budgets, governance issues, consultations, effective advocacy and an introduction to effective monitoring and evaluating processes.  More information to follow:

Andrew Montague will be delivering training on how to write effective submissions, with particular focus on the open Dublin City Council Development Plan 2022 – 2028

Festival of Fundraising:  after the amazing response to the PPN’s offer of eight free places on the Academy Workshop’s Bigger Bolder Fundraising programme, we have decided to offer one week’s worth of fundraising training to members in the week of 20 September.  There will be a variety of training sessions, one-to-one sessions, panel discussions, tips and recommendations for smaller groups, in particular, to be able to increase their fundraising.  The festival of fundraising will be FREE for PPN members.

Our new support worker, Beatriz, will be in touch shortly, to find out what area areas of training people would like to engage in, in autumn 2021.

You can contact Ruth on and Beatriz on

More information about the autumn series of training to follow. 

Please check our website for details and next week’s PPN Bulletin.

News from the wider PPN

Voice of Vision Impairment (VVI) received legal opinion on the meaning and role of Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs) on 27 July, and would like to share this information in this week’s PPN Bulletin.  You can read more about this here 

CityScapes is a free training programme, equipping participants of the PPN with the skills to use mobile phones and online streaming technology to produce 12, one hour programmes in the style of a magazine show, exploring the three pillars under which the PPN operates.  These programmes will then be broadcast on Dublin Community Television, which airs on Virgin Media channel 802. The aim is to produce a living document on the different communities that go to make up Dublin.  For more information about training opportunities with CityScapes telephone:  0876666518 or email Susan at

Adapt is planning to launch an exciting new programme of public events for autumn 2021.   The programme will invite members of the public – of all ages – to reflect on the role of AI in their lives and to contribute to public discussion and deliberation on the role of AI in society. More on this here.  more on that to follow on their website here

Finally, if you are interested in volunteering and/or looking for volunteers to assist you in your activities, get in touch with Dublin City Volunteer Centre for supports and services in this area.  You can find out what volunteering roles are available now, or how to recruit volunteers to your programme here

Please follow us on social media, keep updated with our website updates, and please share this bulletin with other people in your organisations and networks. 

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