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PPN Bulletin

2021 Re-registration of your PPN membership

Many thanks to the 198 groups who have already re-registered their membership with Dublin City PPN.

Welcome back!

If you are still having trouble re-registering, please email us and we will be with you as soon as we can.

In addition, you might have seen us welcome Holding it Together Apart to the network for the first time, earlier this week on social media.  Holding it Together Apart is a community development project aimed at helping people maintain their physical, spiritual and mental well-being during Covid19, and their website is ​​​​here.

Climate Action, Environment and Energy Strategic Policy Committee (SPC)
The next SPC meeting for climate action, environment and energy SPC will be held on 31 March. 

Your elected representatives on this committee, Trevor Clowry and Robert Moss, would like to share updates with anyone who is interested.  If you would like updates from this SPC, please email

There is a full list of PPN SPCs and elected representatives on our website here.
​​​​​As we are updating our database with newly registered and 2021 re-registered organisations, the members section of our website is currently closed until this work is completed.

DCC Dublin Development Plan Poster Competition for Children
3rd – 6th class primary school children are being asked to make posters to illustrate their vision for Dublin, as part of the Dublin Development Plan. All children who live or go to school in Dublin are welcome to join in and further details about this poster competition are available here.

Mansion House and Oak Room Accessibility Consultation
Dublin City Council would like to continue to consult with members of the PPN about the physical accessibility to the Mansion House and Oak Room.  A meeting will take place with Dublin City Council sometime after 08 March, and the PPN have been asked to compile a list of interested people.  If you would like to be involved in this meeting, please reply to this email and we will add you to the list.

Dublin City Volunteer Centre started their volunteer programme at the Vaccination Centre at the  Aviva Stadium this week and we were delighted to give some assistance yesterday and today.  If you would like to know more about volunteering with DCVC please go to their website here:

The national housing charity, Threshold, would like to remind everyone that their services are continuing online and by telephone and you can find out more about their supports here.

Dementia; understand together offer a wide range of supports, training and resources for people who have dementia.  Find out more here.

Northside Home care would like to highlight its recent vacancies for home carers and its meals on wheels service here.

Age Friendly’s monthly newsletter is available here.

Strength in using a common structure.