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Call for nominations for the Secretariat

One of the main roles of the Public Participation Network (PPN), is to provide a nominating structure to elect community representatives to decision making committees, sub-groups, and Secretariat.

There is currently one vacancy on the on the Secretariat, which is the administrative body of the PPN.  This vacancy is available to a person from the Social Inclusion Pillar.

Member groups are now being requested to nominate a suitable candidates for this vacancy.  Only registered member groups can make nominations and the candidates being nominated should have the relevant knowledge, experience, commitment and meet the qualifying criteria for the role.

Role of the Secretariat

The Dublin City PPN Secretariat is made up of three members from each of the three pillars/colleges of the PPN: Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environment, totalling nine altogether. 

The role of the Secretariat is to:

  • Identify, coordinate, and facilitate activities of the PPN which are of benefit to its members.
  • Communicate with all PPN members and disseminate information concerning all PPN activities.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the PPN.
  • Devise a workplan and proposals to present to the Plenary.
  • Work closely with the PPN resource worker and support worker, to deliver PPN objectives between plenaries.
  • Support the strategic development of the Dublin City PPN.
  • Work to ensure that the profile of the PPN is raised and inclusive.
  • Work to ensure that representatives and linkage groups are participative.
  • Only members of the pillar in concern, can nominate for that pillar:  in this instance, only members from the Social Inclusion Pillar, can nominate candidates for the Secretariat.
  • The Secretariat meets monthly, attends two Plenaries, and participates on other working and planning groups, as required.

Skills and Attributes

  • A keen interest and awareness of general issues in the pillar the candidate represents.
  • Experience of working and/or volunteering in the member group the candidate is selected from.
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Experience of working on a board or committees.
  • A commitment to attend meetings and events and participate fully in the duties of the Secretariat.

For further details on the PPN nomination process, see page 44 – 47 of the PPN Handbook (2020).


In the event of more nominations than vacancies available, an election will be held.

PPN representatives are expected to gather and present the views and opinions of member organisations.

All PPN reps are required to sign the Representatives Charter and to adhere to PPN reporting mechanisms, constitution, policies.

PPN representatives’ expenses will be paid in accordance with the travel and expenses policy.

Dublin City PPN is non-political, non-sectarian and adheres to CVSP 8/2018 re: PPNs and Engagement in the Political Process.

Nominations Process

Email with the following information.

  1. Name, group membership number, and Pillar of the person proposing the nomination.
  2. Name, email, and telephone number of the person seconding the nomination.
  3. Name, group membership number, Pillar and telephone number of the person being nominated. 

Emails without the above information will not be considered as nominations for this role. 

Emails to be received by Tuesday 08 March.

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