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PPN Bulletin

We would like to invite you to the Dublin City PPN Plenary 2021, on Thursday 27 May between 7.00pm and 9.00pm

The event is taking place on Zoom and please email us if you would like to register for the event.

Please download Zoom onto your device before the event.  If you would like some assistance with Zoom, our colleagues at Dun Laoghaire and Rathdown PPN have a “Zoom Training for Beginners” resource here.  If you are still stuck, please email us and we will try and organise assistance before the event so that you can participate.  The draft agenda for the evening is here.

We look forward to meeting with you on 27 May.  This is an opportunity to reconnect with people from other organisations and from other pillars/colleges/sections of the PPN.  People will be invited to think about how to engage, share and assist one another more in 2021, and we also have some wonderful music and spoken word at the beginning and end of the evening.  We hope that the evening will be interesting, enjoyable, and inspiring.

The Climate Action, Environment and Energy SPC meeting, held on Wednesday 05 May at 11.30am is available as a webcast, on DCC’s portal here

“Achieving Results as a PPN Environmental Representative” is an interesting presentation by Justin Byrne, who has a great deal of PPN representative experience.  This presentation was organised by the Irish Environmental Network and gives guidelines, tips and advice for all PPN reps, not just the Environmental ones.  It’s a short presentation and very useful and it’s available here.

National Volunteer Week is taking place from 17 – 23 May and if you would like to know more about the events taking place, or how to get your organisation involved, the programme is here.  Or you can follow the hashtag #smallactionsbigimpact on social media.

Ministers Humphreys, McGrath and O’Brien launched a €10 million Covid Stability Fund on 06 May to support community and voluntary groups, charities and social enterprises.  Examples of organisations that can apply to the fund are family supports and supports for the elderly; domestic abuse and addiction services; mental health and disability supports; education supports in disadvantaged communities; community centres that provide social services and you can find out more about the fund here.

Meanwhile, Fundingpoint is The Wheel’s online database of funding grants for the Irish community and voluntary sector.  You can find out more, and subscribe here.

ADAPT and Trinity College are developing a series of informative, fun and engaging public events late this year that will help people uncover “fake news”.  They will explore how people assess information and which skills are needed to be able to recognise misinformation.  If you would like to join in the discussion to co-create public events that are relevant, useful and as enjoyable as possible, you can sign up for 12 May here.

Stress is a very common problem. Life is very hard for us just now and there are no easy solutions or magic cures, but, with hard work and determination, we can boost our resilience to cope with these difficult times and come out the other end stronger.  You can find out more about online stress control classes here.

If you would like to volunteer, or you would like to find volunteers for your organisation, you can contact Dublin City Volunteer Centre for information, support, resources and training and you can find out more about DCVC here.

Please follow Dublin City PPN on Facebook or Twitter or please reply to this email if you have any questions or comments.  You can also read previous PPN Bulletins here.

Strength in using common structure.